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 Pastor Richard and Minnie Romero began pioneering the Mesa Potter's House Christian Center in the year 1991 with their two young daughters. Throughout the years they have remained faithful to God's call on their lives to minister the gospel in the city of Mesa.  


During his time as a minister, Pastor Romero has traveled the world preaching his end time seminars and spreading the word that Christ will one day return for his church. 


Senior Pastor Richard & Minnie Romero


Assistant Pastor Gilbert & Beatrice Martinez

 Assistant Pastor Gilbert and Beatrice Martinez were launched out of the 2016 Chandler Bible conference into the city of Gilbert, Arizona. They pioneered faithfully  and quickly saw fruit. As their mother church continued to see increase they were asked to return to help assist.

Since their return Pastor Gilbert and Beatrice have continued to be a blessing to Pastor Romero and the Mesa congregation.

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